Cantec knows Batteries

Cantec carries a full line of batteries and power systems optimized for peak performance in harsh environment applications such as Military Land Vehicles, Military and Commercial Aviation, Auxillary/Supplemental Power, Portable Power, Telecom, UPS, Industrial and more. We offer standard and customized solution in most chemistries including Pure Lead, Lead-Calcium, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel-Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer and more.

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EnerSys Cyclon 0800-0004

2V 5Ah Pure Lead-Tin X Cell

EnerSys Cyclon 0810-0004

2V 2.5Ah Pure Lead-Tin D Cell

EnerSys Cyclon 0820-0004

2V 25Ah Pure Lead-Tin Be Cell

EnerSys Cyclon 0840-0004

2V 12Ah Pure Lead-Tin J Cell

EnerSys Cyclon 0850-0004

2V 8Ah Pure Lead-Tin E Cell

EnerSys Cyclon 0860-0004

2V 4.5Ah Pure Lead-Tin DT Cell