Pure Lead

EnerSys thin-plate pure lead (TPPL) batteries from Cantec are optimized for the high discharge power, rapid recharge and high cycle life requirements of the most demanding applications. TPPL technology allows our batteries to crank out enormous power in a smaller footprint making it ideal for custom applications where space is of the utmost importance. Many TPPL batteries are available a more rugged design, including a metal jacket, allowing it to be ideal in harsh environments such as heat and shock and vibration applications.

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Pure Lead

EnerSys Cyclon 0800-0004

2V 5Ah Pure Lead-Tin X Cell

EnerSys Cyclon 0810-0004

2V 2.5Ah Pure Lead-Tin D Cell

EnerSys Cyclon 0820-0004

2V 25Ah Pure Lead-Tin Be Cell

EnerSys Cyclon 0840-0004

2V 12Ah Pure Lead-Tin J Cell

EnerSys Cyclon 0850-0004

2V 8Ah Pure Lead-Tin E Cell

EnerSys Cyclon 0860-0004

2V 4.5Ah Pure Lead-Tin DT Cell

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