EnerSys DataSafe 12HX150FR

12V 160 WPC Top Terminated Flame Retardant Lead-Calcium Battery for Uninterruptible Power Supply applications
Part Number: 12HX150FR
Manufacturer: EnerSys
Family: DataSafe
Series: DataSafe HX
Sector: Data Center
Need: Standby Power
Usage: UPS
Class: Valve Regulated Lead Acid

TheDataSafe® HX top terminated battery range of VRLA batteries is designed to offer superior solutions for the Information Technology and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) markets. They are the ideal source of power to protect vital systems and incorporate select design features that maximize reliability while ensuring superior performance and an excellent service life. They deliver superior performance, occupying less space than conventional standby power batteries.

  • Positive and negative plate grids made of lead-calcium-tin alloy for long life and efficient recharge
  • Flame retardant case (UL94) and cover to meet UL1778.
  • Individual flame arresting cell vents
  • DataSafe® HXtopterminatedbatterycontainersandcoversare hermetically sealed to provide leak resistance over the life of the product
  • AGM separators - The electrolyte is completely absorbed into the separator.
  • High performance brass threaded receptacle, bolt terminal, and faston terminals.
  • Increased energy density
  • Computer optimized electrochemistry for increased power up to the 15 minute rate to 1.67 volts/cell
  • 100% initial battery capacity


Terminal Configuration: Top Terminated
Transport Class: Approved for shipping as non-hazardous, non-spillable - per IATA Special Provision A67 and 49 CFR
Volts: 12V
Battery Capacity (WPC): 160 WPC
Capacity Rate: @ 15 min. rate to 1.67 volts/cell end voltage at 77°F (25°C)
Short Circuit Current: 2400
Max. Discharge Rate: 277
Length: 197 MM
Width: 165 MM
Height: 170 MM
Weight: 14.5 KG


  • High conductivity terminals
  • High integrity terminal seal
  • Self-regulating relief valve
  • Rugged high performance positive plates
  • Balanced negative plates
  • Tough cell containers
  • Separators


  • Uninterruptible Power Supply


  • UL listing - File No MH16464 (HX25-HX150) or MH12544 (HX205-HX800)
  • Manufactured to EnerSys standards in ISO 9001 registered production facilities worldwide.
  • Approved for shipping as non-hazardous, non-spillable - per IATA Special Provision A67 and 49 CFR