No battery system is better than it's charger.

Cantec offers a full range of battery chargers optimized for every application. Our wide selection of charger types and algorithms combinded with our applicaton analysis and load profiling capabilities takes the guesswork out of choosing the right charger for your application.

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Cantec CHFC-1 24-35

24V / 35A Onboard Charger

Cantec CHFC-1 36-25

36V / 25A Onboard Charger

Cantec CHFC-1 48-22

48V / 22A Onboard Charger

Cantec CHFC-1 72-12

72V / 12A Onboard Charger

Cantec PRO 1500 24-40

36V / 40A Shop Charger

Cantec PRO 2500 36-40

36V / 40A Shop Charger

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