LS Mtron LSUM 032R4C 0250F EA

32.4V / 250F Ultracapacitor
Part Number: LSUM 032R4C 0250F EA
Manufacturer: LS Mtron
Family: LSUM
Series: Module
Class: Ultracapacitor

LS Ultracapacitor energy storage devices are positioned between conventional electrolytic capacitors and rechargeable batteries. LS Ultracapacitors are optimized for the highest performance with the lowest resistance possible. They feature high power, high energy, reliability and long life which enables use in a variety of applications such as back­up power, auxiliary power, instantaneous power compensation and peak power compensation.

  • High power performance compared to batteries
  • High energy performance vs electrolytic capacitors
  • Low ESR and high power vs. competing ultracapacitors
  • Robust design for improved long term reliability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Maintenance­ free
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40℃ to +65℃)


Rated Voltage: 32.4V
Capacitance: 250F
Capacitance Tolerance: 0% / +20%
Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 65 °C
Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 70 °C
Transport Class: Approved for shipping as non-hazardous per UN 3499 CAPACITOR, electric double layer (with an energy storage capacity greater than 0.3 Wh). Special provision 361 (A186 in ICAO/IATA and in addition 173.176 in the US DOT regulations)
Resistance (DC): 3.3mΩ
Maximum Current: 2200 A
Leakage Current: <120 mA
Energy Density: 4.1 Wh/kg
Maximum Stored Energy: 36.5 Wh/kg
Length: 426.64 MM
Width: 137.44 MM
Height: 184 MM
Weight: 9 KG
Shelf Life: After 1500 hours storage at +65 o C without load shall meet specification of endurance
Calendar Life: After 10 years at rated voltage and +25 o C
Cycle Life: After 1,000,000 cycles between rated voltage to half rated voltage at +25 o C


  • Module construction
  • M8 terminals


  • Peak Power Assistance
  • Back Up Power
  • Regenerating Storage
  • Battery Replacement


  • ISO9001 2008, ISO14001 2004
  • UL810A Certificate No. MH46367
  • OHSAS 18001 2007
  • IEC 61373 IEC 60068 Shock & Vibration