Hawker ArmaSafe Plus 6TAGM 9750N7025

SKU: 6TAGM 9750N7025-CT-MO-US-(CA-RS)
12V 120Ah Pure Lead Battery for Combat and Tactical Vehicles (6T),
NSN 6140-01-485-1472
Deep Discharge Recovery, High Rate Power Delivery, Long Shelf and Cycle Life, Rugged Construction, Wide Operating Temperature
Tactical Vehicle
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Today's militaries continue to demand higher standards of combat readiness and more effective management of operational energy. The ARMASAFE Plus 6TAGM battery has been meeting these demands since 2002 and continues to do so every day. The ARMASAFE Plus 6TAGM delivers the power, performance, and reliability necessary to win on the battlefield.

With over 2 million units fielded and installed, soldiers worldwide have come to know our 6TAGM as the "Hawker battery", the "A+" and the "HASP (Hawker ARMASAFE Plus)."

Regardless of the name applied, the ARMASAFE Plus 6TAGM battery remains the original and preferred choice for military vehicle batteries.

  • High starting power
  • Long shelf life
  • Maintenance free
  • Longer life
  • Highly Recyclable
  • Lower life-cycle cost
  • Deep reserve capacity
  • Air transportable
  • 24-month shelf life
  • 36-month warranty
  • Up to 4 times the service life vs 6TMF


Transport Class: Approved for shipping as non-hazardous non-spillable - per IATA Special Provision A67 and 49 CFR
Volts: 12V
Battery Capacity: 120Ah
Capacity Rate: 20 hr rate to 1.67 volts/cell @ 77°F (25°C)
Length: 25.4 CM
Width: 26.7 CM
Height: 23 CM
Weight: 18.1 KG


  • NATO 6T size battery
  • Transport Class: Non-spillable
  • Color: Light Gray


  • Combat Vehicles
  • Tactical Vehicles
  • Support Vehicles


  • Compliance with 49 CFR § 173.159(d)
  • Classified as nonspillable batteries
  • Qualified to MIL-PRF 32143 since 2007