1.2 volt 500 mAh Nickel Cadmium High Temperature D cell
Test and Measurement
Light weight, Industry standard form factor, Compact form factor
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Intec Industries Co., Ltd. is a well-established high-tech company dedicated to the supply of OEM rechargeable batteries and custom design battery packs to various consumer electronics devices such as notebook computers, healthcare and wearable electronics.

Our OEM rechargeable batteries include various chemistries such as Nickel-Cadmium, Nickel-Metal-Hydride, Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer. We supply high performance and quality rechargeable cells and assembled packs to many OEM markets namely power tools, household appliances, consumer electronics, emergency lightings, flashlights, telecommunications and toys etc. The manufacturing of our OEM products has complied with the latest ISO and UL requirements and has been qualified by lots of global brand names.

  • High Temperature Operation - our high temperature cells operate in environments as high as 70°C with superior charging and discharging performance
  • High Energy Density - up to 50% higher than conventional Ni-Cd batteries of same size
  • High Drain Performance - Using state of the art sinter electrode technology, can be discharged at up to 8C rate
  • Compatibility with Ni-Cd batteries fo same size and voltage
  • Longer Cycle Life - 300 to 1000 charge/discharge cycles depending on depth of discharge
  • Safety Vent Mechanism - built in to relieve internal pressure in case of any accident


Transport Class: The goods are packaged according to the special provision 230 - 348 of IMDG (37-14)
Volts: 1.2V
Battery Capacity: 4,500mA
Capacity Rate: 5 hr rate to 1.0 volts/cell @ 77°F (25°C)
Length: 9.6 CM
Width: 2.5 CM
Height: 6.1 CM
Weight: 0.37 KG


  • Emergency Lighting
  • Test and Measurement
  • Security
  • Communications
  • Computer and Tablets


  • ISO Certified Facilities
  • UL File Number MH27818