REV-24-85 Lead-Calcium AGM Battery

12V 85Ah Lead-Calcium AGM Battery.
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RELiON R4000 Dry Series, maintenance-free batteries, are designed to provide premium performance for a variety of applications, including golf cars and other electric vehicles, floor machines, aerial work platforms, boats, RVs, solar systems and more. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

READY WHEN YOU ARE: RELiON R4000 Dry Series are deep cycle batteries that deliver high capacity from the get-go. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries that need to be “worked up” to increase capacity,these batteries give you the range or hours of operation you need right away.

HIGH PERFORMANCE IN LOW TEMPERATURES: Batteries don’t like cold temperatures, but RELiON R4000 Dry Series batteries deliver more capacity than traditional lead-acid batteries, even in extreme conditions.

FORGET ABOUT ACID: No need to worry about spills or acid-residue. You’ll never need to replace a corroded chassis or damaged floors due to acid spillage.

SAVE WATER AND WORRY: Using your batteries in a remote location? Is your access limited? Maintenance-free RELiON R4000 Dry Series batteries are perfect for applications where watering is easily neglected or very inconvenient.

Traditional lead-acid batteries are subject to reduced performance or early failure if not watered regularly.

LOW SELF-DISCHARGE: RELiON R4000 Dry Series batteries are the ideal solution for infrequent or seasonal use since self-discharge is significantly less than traditional lead-acid batteries. Less frequent, if any, charging is needed during storage.

WE DON’T PASS GAS: Non-hazardous, clean RELiON R4000 Dry Series batteries emit no gasses during normal operation. They can be used safely near sensitive equipment or people.

INSTALLATION SENSATION: Thanks to their innovative design, RELiON R4000 Dry Series batteries can be installed upright or on their sides, making for flexible installation options in a variety of applications.

  • High density lead paste and specialized paste formula for deep cycle application.
  • Environmentally friendly, Classified as “Non-Spillable Battery” for transportation.
  • Exceptional adaptability to operate in high and low temperature environments.
  • Excellent cycle life : 800 cycles @ 80% DOD.
  • Exclusive electrolyte formula and separator to protect the electrolyte density from stratification.
  • Superior design allows for fast charge acceptance and resistance to over-discharge.


Terminal Type: AM
Transport Class: According to special provision A67, the substance is not subject to IATA DGR
Volts: 12V
Battery Capacity: 85Ah
Capacity Rate: 20 hr rate to 1.75 volts/cell @ 77°F (25°C)
Length: 14.99 CM
Width: 5.08 CM
Height: 9.9 CM
Weight: 2.26 KG


  • High strength ABS or PP case & cover and valve-regulated construction. Maintenance-free.
  • Durable copper and stainless steel terminals for high electrical conductivity.
  • Exclusive electrolyte formula and separator to protect the electrolyte density from stratification.
  • High tin alloy grids offer : Less gassing, high corrosion resistance, low self discharge and alloy sheeting material for deep cycle applications.


  • Marine
  • Solar
  • UPS
  • Switchgear
  • Mobility