MSC1210x5 Battery Charger

MSC1210x5 12V 10A 5 Bank Battery Charger
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The MSC1210x5 multi-station is a fully automatic, smart battery charger which provides five (5) independent DC outputs for charging multiple batteries simultaneously. Each output has its own status indicator for monitoring the individual battery. The 5X requires only a single AC power cord The advanced 3-stage, proportionally timed charge program is designed to provide optimal charging performance of sealed batteries such as the Hawker & Optima. As soon as the battery is connected, a de-sulfation circuit encourages the breakdown of large sulfate crystals which can develop during prolonged periods of deep discharge.

  • Electronic short circuit and reverse polarity shutdown, without blowing fuses.
  • External Temperature Compensation
  • Electronic Current Limit Protection
  • Unique Desulfation Circuit
  • Provides DC Power While Charging
  • Low Voltage Start
  • Digital Microprocessor Control
  • LED Amp Meter
  • Safety Override Timer
  • Green ready Lamp / Fault indicator
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Battery Type Switch


Input Voltage: 115VAC ± 10%
Input Current: 11A
Absorbed Maximum Current: 11A
Constant Output Voltage: 12V
Output Current: 10A
Maximum Charge Rate: 10A
Stages: 3
Length: 66.04 CM
Width: 15.24 CM
Height: 22.86 CM
Weight: 21.77 KG


  • Battery / maintenance shop