Analytic Systems BCA1050MPVW-24DND

40A, 24V Waterproof Shop Battery Charger With NATO Connector, Mounted on Anodized Aluminum Rolling Cart
NSN: 6130-20-014-0080
Rugged Construction, Wide Operating Temperature
Tactical Vehicle
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This model is a variant of Analytic Systems’ proven 1000-watt military grade BCA1050 1000-watt battery charger, designed specifically for the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND). It consists of the military version of the BCA1050-24 charger enhanced with the Portable and Digital Volt/Ammeter options in an IP66 rated water resistant black anodized extruded aluminum enclosure with billet machined aluminum end plates and stainless-steel fasteners.

The charger features a power factor corrected input stage for efficient operation compatible with any single-phase AC source voltage from 85 to 264 VAC at either 50 or 60 Hz and is provided with a 3-meter NEMA 5-15 power cord. Other plugs can be fitted to the power cord to connect to any source of AC power within the specified range.

The charger can simultaneously charge one or two banks of 24-volt batteries that share a common ground. When fitted with one or two battery temperature sensors the charging voltage will compensate for battery temperature. Reverse polarity protection is standard with LED indication of improper battery connection. Additional indicator LEDs and an alarm buzzer to alert the user to other fault conditions.

The digital volt/ammeter can display the voltage and current for either battery bank or both combined as well as a dark mode, selectable by waterproof pushbutton.

A rugged portable cart is included that the charger can be easily mounted or unmounted from as well as a custom 2.5-meter charging cable terminated in a standard NATO Slave Connector with an integrated battery temperature sensor on the vehicle end and power and temperature connectors on the charger end. The cart includes storage brackets for both the input and output cables for convenience.

The charger is calibrated to charge a standard 24V lead acid battery bank in either 3-Stage or 2-Stage profiles. In 2-Stage operating mode it also can be used as a power supply without a battery. An internal output voltage adjustment is provided to allow qualified personnel to adjust the charger output to suit other battery

  • 1000 watts of charging power
  • IP66 rated - waterproof
  • Temperature compensation
  • NATO connector cable included
  • Two or three stage charging profiles
  • Low EMI
  • Adjustable float voltage
  • Two year parts and labour warranty
  • Typical Service Life : > 10 years (87,600 hrs)


Input Voltage: 85 - 264 VAC
Input Current: 12 A
Input Frequency: 45 - 65 Hz
Efficiency: > 8 % at Maximum Output
Constant Output Voltage: 24V
Output Current: 40A
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Stages: 2 or 3 stage user selectable
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +55°C @ maximum output. Derate Linearly 2.5% per °C from 55°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +100°C
Humidity: 0 - 95% Relative Humidity (non-condensing) with standard conformal coating
Phase: Single Phase
Isolation Input-Case: > 500 VDC
Isolation Input-Output: > 500 VDC
Isolation Output-Case: > 500 VDC
Input Fuse: 25A Magnetic circuit breaker
Length: 17.3 CM
Width: 37.6 CM
Height: 86 CM
Weight: 12.6 KG


  • Material & Finish : Extruded aluminum chassis and bottom cover, billet machined aluminum endplates with O-ring seals, all black anodized
  • Fasteners : 18-8 Stainless steel
  • Input Connection: 3 m / 9.8ft 3xAWG14 power cord with NEMA 5-15 compatible plug
  • Output Connection: Amphenol GTC02R22-22S-RDS 4-hole MIL-Spec connector
  • Temperature Connection: Amphenol PT07-8-4S 4-position Circular MIL-Spec connector


  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Alternative Energy


  • Emissions Designed to Meet MIL461F
  • Shock and Vibration Designed to meet MIL810G
  • Designed to meet UL458 & CSA
  • Warranty : Two Years Parts and Labor