Traditional BCD series chargers feature precision charging voltages for 1 or 2 banks of batteries at 12, 24, 32, 36, 48 or 72 VDC. Models are available to operate from input voltages as low as 10 VDC and up to 400 VDC at power levels from 60 to 1500 watts.
Most models feature user selectable 2-stage or 3-stage charging profiles, temperature compensation and user initiated equalization for optimum charging and maximum battery life.
Various models feature either common ground for lower cost or full isolation where different ground levels need to be accommodated (ie. Charging a positive ground battery from a negative ground source or vice-versa).

The reliable Current Mode switching design offers power and reliability in a compact package. The low ripple charging current and standard equalize cycle greatly increases the lifetime of expensive battery systems. Extra input and output filtering reduce EMI to extremely low levels.

Reliability features include an input fuse, thermal shutdown, current limiting, reverse battery hookup protection and output short circuit protection with automatic recovery.

The output voltage is easily adjusted 1.0 volts above or below the standard output voltage to accommodate special charging requirements. Optional features include a Digital Volt/Ammeter, Remote Control Panel, and 19” or 23″ Rack Mount configurations.

BCD Series