Zivan NG1 CANBUS 24V 35A

24V / 35A CANBUS Battery Charger
Material Handling, Switchgear
Compact form factor, High Rate Power Delivery
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POWER IS COMMUNICATION • The new single-phase NG1 battery charger with CAN BUS interface represents an innovation in Zivan’s range. Its powerful “flash” microcontroller, with integrated CAN-BUS interface, paves the way for communication with other devices such as the controller, BMS, PC, DISPLAYS, etc.; allowing integration into the most advanced systems. Large onboard memory provides access to relevant items of the charge history, thereby increasing the charger’s performance and flexibility. Using a single button on the optional display, it is easy to modify charging features and parameters allowing correct matching to any type of battery (including Lithium technologies). The high power and efficiency of Zivan’s chargers guarantees significant energy savings and subsequent economic advantage. All of these features position ZIVAN as leaders in the market, providing stateof-the-art technology and high quality while maintaining a competitive price.

  • Galvanic Isolated CAN-BUS Interface
  • Inverse polarity protection (fuse)
  • Programmable charging curve
  • Thermal compensation of battery voltage (optional with external thermal sensor)
  • Programmable auxiliary contacts: main presence, charge in progress, end of charge
  • Clock Calendar
  • Data Logging
  • Delayed start
  • Parallelable
  • Visualization by display of the parameters : Voltage, Current, charged Ah and Time


Input Voltage: 115VAC ± 10%
Input Current: 13A @ 115VAC
Input Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Efficiency: up to 93 %
Power Factor: 0.68
Absorbed Maximum Current: 13 A
Inrush Current: < 2.7 A
Absorbed Minimum Power: < 5 W
Absorbed Maximum Power: 1.7 kW
Constant Output Voltage: 24V
Output Current: 35A
Temperature Compensation: -1 to -9 mV/°C programmable
Temperature Sensor: -20 to +50 °C
Output Voltage Ripple: < 1 %
Humidity: 90%
Phase: single phase
Isolation Input-Case: 1250 VAC
Isolation Input-Output: 1250 VAC
Isolation Output-Case: 1250 VAC
Leakage Current: <3 mA
Input Fuse: 20 A
Output Fuse: 50 A
Thermal Alarm Temperature: 100 °C
Length: 30 CM
Width: 16 CM
Height: 8 CM
Weight: 2.2 KG


  • Case: Metal base, cover in self-extinguishable ABS
  • Enclosure class : IP20
  • Cooling: forced


  • Floor care/cleaning machines
  • Pallet trucks
  • Shuttle personnel carriers
  • Industrial utility vehicles
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)


  • Conforms to CSA SPE-1000
  • CE Certified
  • In conformity with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive and of the Directive EMC