EnerSys PowerSafe SBS 60

12V 51Ah Pure Lead Battery for cable TV
Data Center, Switchgear, Telecommunications, Cable TV
Technology, Energy, Infrastructure, Resources
Long Shelf and Cycle Life, Wide Operating Temperature, Deep Discharge Recovery, High Rate Power Delivery
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PowerSafe SBS batteries are designed with EnerSys' proprietary thin plate pure lead technology (TPPL). Batteries utilizing this advanced technology have better energy density, better resistance to heat and lower internal resistance to support higher rate charging and discharging. These batteries are designed to meet SR4228 and have passed the NEBS level 3 certification testing.

PowerSafe SBS batteries are manufactured to the highest international standards and are ideal for reliable use in all wireless and fixed-line communication applications. PowerSafe SBS batteries are also widely used in cable TV, emergency lighting, power generation and offshore applications.

The advanced thin plate, pure lead technology and unique manufacturing methods used by EnerSys, make PowerSafe SBS batteries the best choice for long and trouble-free service.

For over 30 years, EnerSys has used proprietary TPPL technology and advanced manufacturing methods to make PowerSafe SBS batteries perform better and last longer in extreme environments. In 2014, we enhanced our PowerSafe SBS battery range to include 2V cells for outdoor applications, ranging from 320 Ah to 900 Ah.

  • Proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead Technology (TPPL) provides increased plate surface area and high energy density
  • Long service life and up to a 2 year shelf life
  • Withstands extreme temperatures : -40ºC to 50ºC
  • Impact resistant, flame retardant case UL94 V-0
  • Manufactured to the highest international standards
  • Superior cyclic performance
  • Exceptional fast charge acceptance ability


Terminal Configuration: Top Terminal
Terminal Type: M6 M
Transport Class: Approved for shipping as non-hazardous non-spillable - per IATA Special Provision A67 and 49 CFR
Volts: 12V
Battery Capacity: 580Ah
Capacity Rate: 8 hr rate to 1.75 volts/cell @ 77°F (25°C)
Length: 22 CM
Width: 12.1 CM
Height: 26.1 CM
Weight: 18.5 KG


  • Utillizes Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology. Thin positive grids are produced from high purity lead from a unique manufacturing process to maximize corrosion resistance and service life while maximizing energy density
  • Separators are Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) made from high purity, superior quality fibers. The electrolyte is absorbed within the AGM, preventing acid spills in case of accidental damage
  • Electrolyte is produced from extremely high purity acid to reduce self discharge rate and float currents
  • Container and cover in flame retardant UL94-V0 material, highly resistant to shock and vibration
  • Top terminal batteries use a copper alloy insert
  • Self-regulating one way pressure relief valves prevent ingress of atmospheric oxygen


  • Wireless and fixed line communications
  • Cable TV
  • Emergency lighting
  • Power generation
  • Offshore applications


  • Designed to be compliant with IEC60896-21 & 22
  • Designed to be compliant with Telcordia SR-4228
  • Recognized by UL (UL Standard 1989)